23 July, 2008

Mills Family Hunters

My cousin Andy and his hunting exploits here in Maridi (apparently Andy and I are the same person... I can't count how many times we've been confused for one another). Bush rat makes some tasty stew. Honestly.

He couldn't match our gatekeeper's abilities at getting our own monitour lizard

I gave him a hand. Once he had finished the hard work, of course.
And yes, in case you're wondering, we did eat this guy too. It reminded me of salmon, and it was a really nice meat that they cooked up with a peanut sauce. Yum! Yum!

Home Sweet Home

Some recent pictures of our living area here. We brought in some stones as the rains make it very muddy. And the grass has popped up quickly and been spreading a lot better than it sounds like my parents yard has. Anyone want to come and visit?

A Nice Sunday Afternoon Picnic

Some pics from a picnic with a few of our staff we took about a month ago here near town. We tried a similar journey another time but got disrupted by rain. As you can see, though, this time of year the rain makes for a much nicer view as everything is green.

16 July, 2008

Dead Giveaway

Ok, so I thought I'd have been able to update sooner, and I have definitely lost interest in the song stuff, so I'm going to give one more, and sorry to those who might have liked a greater challenge, but here it is:
You can dance, you can jive
Having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene
Dig in the .............. .............
(I left two words blank because it gives away the song, and I imagine most of you will know the artist if you know this song).

Anyways, I hope to add some pictures real soon and give another update on some of the stuff that's going on. Short story - The monkey's teeth are getting sharper and her bite is stronger (apparently it's a girl, but she's going to keep the name Zakayo/ Zaccheus anyway, because he (I mean she) doesn't know that it's a boy's name anyway. That and Johnny Cash is one of my heroes... If you don't get that one, look at the title to his songs and you'll find out what I mean. And then listen to it).