28 May, 2008

Back to the States

Corn Dogs, steak, cushioned couches, the English language.
It's been good to be in the good old U.S.A. for a little bit, including a Memorial Day cookout and hike in the woods yesterday. I've been able to eat some good food and see some good friends over the last couple weeks.

One of the other changes over the past weeks is that I've gotten back to using deodorant on a somewhat regular basis. I still haven't finished the same stick of Degree that I brought with me to Sudan back in February 2007. Not sure how much longer it'll last at this point, but I guess I've saved a couple of bucks over the year plus to help out with buying gas for my really good trip I took out to Indiana and Ohio just after returning.

Of course, in the process of being back in the U.S., I've also watched far too much television considering I don't miss it when in Sudan, nor in the time I've lived in the States without one. Between NHL and NBA playoffs, and regular season baseball, though, I've definitely enjoyed getting to watch some TV. I've even gotten to practice a few of my sports skills and had it pointed out to me that I've lost quite a bit of speed during my time overseas. Looks like I've got to get back to doing some exercise to try to get back in shape. Or I can just keep eating a lot more steak, potatoes, breads, and desserts in order to see how much more out of shape I can get.