03 January, 2008

Looking Great in 2008

Upon the suggestion of some of my fellow staff from Sudan, I thought I would decide upon a theme for the year instead of making some resolution. So, for the calender year 2008, I'm going to be trying to look great. Of course, I have quite a bit of work to do as my sister will no doubt attest to, but there was a natural first step in this process that can be done without much difficulty. And so most of my hair is gone. Now the challenge is going to be trying to get some new clothes that can give me some style to help look great and some tattoos and piercings that will really help me to look my best. The clothes, however, I may have to call in some outside assistance as it's not really something I am probably capable of on my own (especially considering the same awesome silk shirt I wore to church each week from 6th to 9th grades had apparently been out of style since 2 years before I had gotten it. Thanks, Becca, for helping me to see the light.) The looking great in '08 theme for the year barely beat out Try to get a date in '08 and True love waits 2008. Of course, I must admit that Troy inspired the idea's theme is way better than mine. Following themes like Keep it alive in '05, Get your kicks in '06, and It's going to be heaven in '07, this year he is going with 2008: It's going to be ok. Nice, Troy.

Anyways, here are some pictures of how I'm starting the year with this theme. Please let me know of any suggestions you have to help me make this theme for the year become reality.

With Shaps

What was I thinking?

Should I have stopped here? (Had to stick the 'stache in the nose to keep from accidently clipping it too)

Should have left it like this

That's right, I could clean my ears with those

The curls just wouldn't stay too well. (I think I need something stronger than earwax)